Our services and technologies

Key services

  • Bespoke client consultation: we believe it is crucial to size an AD installation to suit the readily available feedstocks in terms of both quality and quantity
  • Tailored AD design: from the initial consultation we work up a design to match the unique geological and agricultural setting
  • Permitting: we can provide expert advice on the necessary permitting arrangements which any individual plant may require
  • Project management: as Principal Contractor we provide comprehensive project management on and off site
  • Commissioning: Chris, Fre-energy’s Technical Director, oversees the operational start up and commissioning process to secure optimum AD bacterial health
  • Training: as the plant becomes fully operational, we provide training on how to run the AD plant
  • Follow-up support: we support the plant operator for the 12-month period post commissioning and are readily available with advice and guidance
  • On-going: we offer the client the opportunity to set up a bespoke technical support agreement with Fre-energy which comprises of a remote plant monitoring service together with periodic site visits if required

Key technologies

  • Patented combined de-gritting with gas-actuated mixing technology to reduce system down time and maintain 100% operational process capacity
  • Foam alleviation system to enable a broad range of high-strength feedstocks to be processed to take advantage of opportunistic waste streams
  • Unique fibreglass insulated tank roof to minimise heat loss – heat lost is heat unavailable for other uses
  • All serviceable parts are external to the gas space to maximise plant operator safety
  • Remote monitoring technology to help maintain plant efficiency
  • 24-hour text based alert system with sensors installed in system critical areas

Our commitment

  • The team at Fre-energy are firmly committed to the economic, environmental and social benefits of on-farm waste AD plants and believe they should be recognised and established as a standard item of the agricultural plant necessary to run a successful farm business
  • We are committed to working with our clients in an honest and ethical way in order to achieve demonstrable value in the economic, environmental and social aspects of their business