AD Management Control Systems

Leading state-of-the-art computerised Fre-energy AD Management System designed by our technical team comprises a user-friendly Interface Control Panel (ICP) colour touch screen to provide status information and enable the operational parameters to be changed.

The user friendly tabs on each page of the ICP enable easy navigation on and between screens:

Digester Control Panel Main Screen Right Arrow Move Forward to next Screen
Left Arrow Move Back to the previous screen
Up Arrow Move Across to the related page
  • Selecting the Fre-energy logo takes you to the Main Screen Values are adjusted using the on-screen key pad
  • ‘Behind’ the screen there is a fully functional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC has remote access which is supported by the Operations & Maintenance cover available through Fre-energy
  • Monitoring and reporting features are arranged in pages, each with a dedicated screen
  • An Operational Fre-energy AD Manual supplied with every installation details the ICP for each specific site

AD Control Panel Display Page Chart

Control Equipment Cabinet Control System

Containers for CHP and Control Equipment

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