Fibreglass Roof

Insulated fibreglass roof being moved into position

Fibreglass roofs provide a high degree of thermal insulation and have stood the test of time. These have been in use on digesters for in excess of 20 years.


The Fre-energy roof has insulation that can rival that of the digester tank; we have yet to find a material that approaches this lifetime or provides the same level of thermal insultaion.

Positioning fibreglass roof onto concrete tank Fibreglass roof in position


















The gas in the digester roof space is wet. If moisture condenses onto a cold roof then heat will be lost.


Heat lost is heat that is not available for other uses.


The Fre-energy fibreglass roof is resistant to corrosion. Maintaining the volume of material inside the digester prevents corrosion.

Fibreglass roof mould section

Key points:

  • Maintains a high degree of insulation
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Provides structural support against extreme weather conditions
  • Has a 20 year guarantee, compared to material roofs which typically only have a 5 year guarantee
Internal view of tank roof